By connecting with peers, VP Forum members acquire a broader network they can tap for practical knowledge and applied experience. Leveraging the experience of colleagues, members enhance their expertise, gain a competitive edge, deliver greater value for their companies, and attract the best opportunities.

Members represent North American-based companies.

Membership is by invitation and is limited to a senior leader of public relations, public affairs and communications in each company. Substitutions at meetings are not permitted.

Four quarterly meetings a year are hosted by a member and held in major business cities, running noon-to-noon over two days so travelers can minimize time on the road. Members choose meetings that fit their schedules and most make one to two sessions per year.

Average attendance is 15-25, which contributes to more meaningful and engaging discussion. Debrief reports and speaker files are sent to all members after a meeting.

Between meetings, members stay connected electronically to exchange job leads, solicit input, offer referrals and tap into the membership's veritable brain trust.

Matters of policy are decided by the groups, which have no officers or committees. All members are equal and are encouraged to share expertise freely and capture as much value as possible from colleagues. Meetings are confidential and all materials, including member lists, are circulated only for the use of members.

Annual membership is $3,500, comparable to the cost of two outside conferences. However, our dues cover you for twice that—up to four sessions a year. Plus, you are connected to a vast network of experienced colleagues you can tap for insight and advice 365 days a year. Members cover their travel for meetings and are billed for their prorated portion of meal and conference charges.